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Work Wonders

Work Wonders

Turn your work day from worried to wonderful

For 15 years I commuted 4 hours a day to my office. It was exhausting and stressful but I loved my job because not only was I doing something that I was passionate about, but I was mentored by some of the most amazing humans. They took me under their wing and guided my career, teaching me some of the most valuable and useful techniques that I still use. In our free App you will find ways to bring in the principles of these techniques and entwine them with the other philosophies of JIIVA to help you keep your sh!t together at home and work.

  • Decision Tree (A simple guide to decision making)
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback (How to have difficult conversations)
  • Prioritise Your Day (Increase your productivity)
  • Robust Conversations (How to tackle difficult topics)
  • And MORE!!
All available on our free App - LAUNCHING 1st NOV!