Yoga Therapy

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What is it? 

Yoga Therapy is an individualised approach with adaptive poses and practices to suit the needs of the student.

What does it mean? 

There is no Sanskrit derivation for this style of yoga.

Who founded it? 

This approach to yoga can be argued that in fact it is how yoga should be practised as should not be thought of as a different style, but as the true intended practice of yoga. It follows the teachings and tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya.

How did it evolve?

“Yoga therapy…represents a first effort to integrate traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge. Whereas traditional Yoga is primarily concerned with personal transcendence on the part of a ‘normal’ or healthy individual, Yoga therapy aims at the holistic treatment of various kinds of psychological or somatic dysfunctions ranging from back problems to emotional distress.” George Feuerstein

What is a class like?

A Yoga therapy session will take an holistic approach to the individual needs of the student. To address an underlying issue through yogic practices, the teacher will enquire about a range of issues for the student to help identify the best techniques to support them. The class will adapt to the student, as opposed to the opposite way around.