Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

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What is it? 

This form of hatha yoga is performed on a stand up paddle board on still water such as a lake.

What does it mean? 

There is no Sanskrit derivation for the name of this style of yoga.

Who founded it? 

This is a style which cannot be traced to a specific founder or creator due to the organic way in which it evolved.

How did it evolve?

SUP Yoga has grown from the popularisation of SUP as a water sport in the 1940’s and the growth of yoga in the West, entwining the two activities.

What is a class like?

Classes are generally much shorter than regular yoga classes due to the intensity of the practice as normal yoga poses are heightened when being completed on the board. A class will also often entail the trip to and from the class location as an additional benefit, such as walking a bush trail to reach a calm lake or beach cove..