Remember that with all yoga poses you should listen to your own body and if you feel any discomfort or unease stop practicing and seek assistance from a yoga and/or medical practitioner.


Purvottanasana (Intense Stretch of the East)


This pose is frequently found linking poses during a vinyasa or Sun Salutation series and features in the Ashtanga Primary Seres.


This pose is a counter and complementary pose to Pashimottanasana. It opens the chest and throat, draws the shoulder blades down and broadens the shoulders. It strengthens the muscles of the legs including engaging the hamstrings and gluteus maximus.


Care should be taken around contraindications such as wrist or neck injury and variations should be taken to reduce the pressure on the wrists or head.


Purva means east. Uttana means intense stretch. Asana is literally translated as ‘seat’ but is general understood as ‘pose/posture’.