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What is it? 

Pre Natal Yoga is a western term for a yoga class, usually Hatha in style, that allows specifically caters for pregnant women.

What does it mean? 

There is no Sanskrit derivation for this style of yoga.

Who founded it? 

There is no claim to a founder of this style of yoga as it seems to have evolved from the practice of Hatha Yoga and the need to specifically adjust poses for pregnancy, outside of adjustments made in regular yoga classes.

How did it evolve?

This style is now a fairly standard class style that is offered in most Hatha yoga studios.

What is a class like?

A PreNatal Yoga class is often a gentle class that allows for easy modifications, variations, and adaptations for pregnancy of different stages. The benefits of this style are breath control and meditative techniques which can be utilised in labour, as well as a connection between mother and unborn child through poses and visualisation.