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What is it? 

This is a style of yoga which aims to train your body, as well as educate your heart, your soul and your mind. It aims to create a spiritual enlightenment during physical practice.

What does it mean? 

Jivamukti is derived from the Sanskrit word Jivanmukthi which means “Liberation whilst living”. It claims a path of enlightenment with a basis of compassion and promotes a connection to the earth and all living things as coming from a place of love and joy. Similar to many other styles of yoga, it is an holistic practice aligning asana (poses) and pranayama (breathing) but has a deeper emphasis on theory and the study of philosophy.

Who founded it? 

Jivamukti is a modern style of yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984.

How did it evolve?

This form of yoga grew from the personal paths of the two founders, David life and Sharon Gannon through their own spiritual journies. They believe that they “are pioneers in teaching yoga as spiritual activism/activation, demonstrating that yoga is a living tradition, a complete system for accessing the lasting happiness that is available to all beings.” 

What is a class like?

Jivamukti class is a physically vigorous and stimulating practice. Classes focus on a theme in order to give an educational practice of the theory and history of yoga. During a class you can expect an asana (poses/postures) practice integrated with chanting, readings and pranayama (breathing).


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