March 23, 2020

JIIVA Junior

To support our kids at this uncertain time in the world, I have set up #JIIVAJunior with a range of resources to help connect, inspire and motivate our kids whilst they are not at school. Keeping a sense of normality and routine is really important to their well being, particularly during this time when there is a high level of anxiety around the uncertainty of the future ahead of us.

I NEED YOUR HELP – This is brand new approach for many of us, so I am asking for your constructive feedback as we go along so that we can build a digital community that is a positive home for our kids.

PARENTS ARE IN CHARGE – The only rule I have now is that parents are in control – YOU need to decide if this is right for your child, and YOU need to moderate their activity. This is not a kids-run activity and I won’t have the capacity to moderate all groups and activities. So I am asking you to please take a proactive approach and be involved with your kids as this grows which will in turn support me to be able to get more resources on here as quickly as possible.

Namaste, Louise (JIIVA Founder)

#JIIVAJourney | #JIIVAJunior | #EmbraceImperfection |#CelebrateTheUnique

The first resource off the rank is “Kids Catch Ups” which will be run for similar school aged groups to connect them with their friends at times they used to at school, like recess and lunch. It is organised via Facebook Messenger via the parents account, and video chats run through Zoom – all monitored by parents, but designed for kids.