I hate to tell you but we’re not perfect!

I hate to tell you but we’re not perfect!

I got up early one day so that I could get some time on the yoga mat before the day began to get crazy. I managed to get myself 15 minutes into the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (my favourite practice) before I caught sight of myself in the glass window…then the little voice in my head started….

How come you have practised Ashtanga for 14 years and STILL can’t do this pose? I thought you were better than this? Your stomach looks flabby, maybe you should go for a run instead of doing yoga today?

I sat with those thoughts for a while and worked at finding some stillness instead of self-judgement. And I wondered how many other people have thoughts like this? There is probably a whole heap of body shaming and criticism that comes from inside us and is then seemingly justified by the ‘perfect’ people we see on Instagram.

I started thinking that it would be great if there was a way to create a space that wasn’t perfect – a place that was in fact, imperfect! A place that was aspirational but authentic. A place that helped people on their path to feel supported and celebrated for each imperfect step they took towards their goal.

A place which made more people feel okay about their own ’imperfect’ journey, because since that day when I made conscious decision to #embraceimperfection and #celebratetheunique in my own life I can genuinely say that I feel happier. I’m still aspiring to that pose but I have stopped judging myself for not being there yet.

Feel the same? Welcome to the JIIVA Tribe!