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What is it? 

Dru Yoga is a flowing yoga style rooted in Hatha yoga poses. Postures are kept ‘soft’ and move in a similar motion to Tai Chi using ‘Energy Block Release Sequences’ to release tension.

What does it mean? 

Dru is derived from the Sanskrit word Dhruva. It refers to the stillness that someone can feel when practising this style.

Who founded it? 

“Dru was started in 1978 by Mansukh Patel, Chris Barrington, Rita Goswami, Annie Jones and John Jones at Bangor University. It is inspired by the teachings of Francis of Assisi and Mahatma Gandhi.”*

How did it evolve?

Dru Yoga is said to be established in 31 countries and is registered as a Trademark in many of those countries. The organisation has been known under several names including the Life Foundation School of Therapeutics, the World Peace Flame Foundation, the Life Foundation International, Dru (UK) Ltd, and Dru World Wide.

What is a class like?

Dru Yoga practices aim to create healing and unity through Energy Block Release sequences, with flowing poses that originate from the spine. It is an holistic practice that includes visualisations and mudra’s (hand postures), as well as working to find balance in the body through aligning the Chakra’s. One of the main features of Dru Yoga is creating ‘Dru Points’ which are moments of stillness.


https://www.druyoga.com/ *