Anjali Mudra (Salutation Seal)

Remember that with all yoga poses you should listen to your own body and if you feel any discomfort or unease stop practising and seek assistance from a yoga and/or medical practioner.


Anjali Mudra (Saluation Seal)


Mudra’s are ‘seal’s, a hand gesture which seals energy into the body and connects you to the divine. Anjali Mudra is frequently found at the close of a class accompanied by ‘Namaste’.


This gesture promotes flexibility in the hands, fingers and wrists as well as opening the heart and calming the brain.


This gesture is relatively safe to perform for any level of student, taking into account any wrist or hand injuries


Anjali is generally translated as a gesture of reverence, salutation and honour. Mudra is translated as ‘seal’. Together Anjali Mudra means the Salutation Seal.