June 12, 2017


Once upon a time, a young woman who loved yoga decided to become a yoga teacher. She loved it so much that she created her own business in Sydney, with lots of passion….but not enough planning. The business she loved came to an end but the passion to help people on their journey did not.

Years later this realisation has led JIIVA to be re-born as a tool to help people like you, like me, find a way to embrace of life of yoga and natural therapies whilst living in a world full of imperfections.

We lead a busy life, and we can’t get to a yoga class.

We want to spend more time on our health, but we can’t afford it.

The point is that we should keep trying, because at some point the timing will be right, and the tools will be there. And on that journey is JIIVA, because the journey is not perfect, and neither are we!

We can’t wait for you to join the #JIIVAjourney and be part of our tribe!!

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